Health and providence
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Health and providence

Health providence: The East African Flying Doctors (a flying physician service) offers a special membership for tourist, who guarantees that you can take an accident up on safari this service with illness or (incl. air transport). The medical supply in Nairobi and Mombasa does not correspond to the European standards. The conclusion of a travel health insurance with travel back getting insurance is urgently recommended.

Yellow fever: A certificate of inoculation against yellow fever is required by all travelers, who come from infection areas and are old over one year. All travelers to Kenya a yellow fever inoculation is urgently recommended, since Kenya is infection area.

Cholera: A certificate of inoculation against Cholera is not an entry condition, the risk of an infection exists however. Since the effectiveness of the protective inoculation is disputed, it is advisable to catch up in time before the start of the journey medical advice. Country-wide and in particular in Machakos -, Kisuma and Nyanza District, exists a increased Cholerarisiko, which concerns above all the native population. There are local Cholera outbreaks at present in the extreme south of the coastal province opposite the island Pemba. The risk of infection of tourists is considered as very small. An inoculation is not necessary usually. The careful food and drinking water - hygiene is always recommended.

Malaria: Malaria protection is all year round in the entire country necessary. High malaria risk exists in the rain forest areas, including the touristresorts at the coast as well as during the rain time of March to June and of October until Decembers. In the capital Nairobi as well as in the high country (over 2500 m) rift of the Valley, cent ral, Eastern, Western Province and Nyanza is generally small the risk. Chloroquin and Sulfadoxin/Pyrimethamin resistance of the prevailing more dangerous form Plasmodium falciparium (malaria tropica), which to 85 % arise, were announced. A prevention with medicines is recommended for the travel regions below 2.500 m height and in the cities.

Typhus & Polio: Precautionary measures recommended!

Eat & Drink: Intestine infections represent largest infection risk. The hygiene rules valid for all tropical countries (e.g. caution with benefit of food and tap water) should be considered carefully. Water should generally be boild before the use for drinking, tooth flash and for the ice cube preparing either or sterilized otherwise. Unpasteurisiert milk should be boild. Drying and fresh milk only with germ-free water touch. Milk products from unboild milk should not be consumed. Meat and fish courts only well through-cooked and hot served eat. The benefit of raw salads and mayonnaise should be avoided. Vegetable should be cooked and fruit be peeled. Of the consumption of food from cheap road restaurants and of markets one warns. After consumption of larger quantities of corn are in the central province numerous inhabitants gets sick, some deceased. The poison Aflatoxin, which is not destroyed with heating up, originates from mold fungi, which form under unfavorable conditions on the grain. In the region, in which several national park are, should be done temporarily without corn courts. Also on a consistent insect protection should be respected, in order to avoid infections and diarrheas.

Bilharziose-Exciters occur country-wide in some ponds and rivers. Swimming and wading in inland waters should be avoided therefore. Well maintained pools with fresh water are harmless. Country-wide the transmission risk of Borreliose exists by Zecks in grasses, bushes and in the underwood. Strike-covering clothes and insect-rejecting means offer protection.
A risk for failure illnesses by intestine infections exists country-wide. Food and drinking water hygiene should absolutely will consider. The Dengue fever transferred by mosquito occurs. An effective insect protection is recommended.
Likewise country-wide the Filariose caused by insects arises. An insect protection reduces the transmission danger.
Typhus fever arises likewise country-wide. The fever is released by dress lice. Around itself to protect you should operate regular body and dress hygiene. Only in rare cases an inoculation should be considered. Hepatitis A and hepatitis B occur. A hepatitis protective inoculation is recommended. HIV/Aids is widespread and a large danger for all, which are received infection risks: Sexualcontact, careless syringes or Kanuelen and blood transfusions can save a substantial health risk. Kala Azar arises isolated in the halfdry areas in the north and the east. An effective insect protection is recommendable.
The Leishmaniase comes isolated into the halfdry north and east of the country forwards. An insect protection is recommended also here.
Epidemic outbreaks of the Meningokokken Meningitis can occur. Around itself to protect an inoculation and avoiding large gatherings of people are recommended.
Cases of the plague arose isolated in the south. The protection from rats and fleas by safe sleep places and more frequent laundry changes as well as keeping from gotten sick one away already reduce the infection danger. When in plague areas transacting the preventive income of antibiotics is recommended vocationally.
There is particularly in the Kenyan outback the risk of infection with the Sleep Illness (African Trypanosomiasis). There were infections in the Tsavo national park. Careful insect preventive measures are recommended.
Rabies occurs. Main carriers are dogs, cats, forest animals and bats. For backpack traveler, children, vocational groups of risks and with longer stays an inoculation is recommended. Take medical assistance up with bite wounds as fast as possible.
Country-wide and all year round the danger of the bite by ticks fever exists. Preventive measures are strike-covering clothes and insect protective agent.

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