Mony in kenya and recalculation of currency
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Recalculation of currency

Currency: 1 Kenia-Shilling = 100 Cents. Currency contraction: KSh, KES (ISO-Code). Notes are in the value of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 und 20 KSh in the circulation. Coins in the value of 10, 5 und 1 KSh sowie 50, 10 und 5 Cents.

Change: In all larger banks possible. Caution before black market operators. Exchange of money must be confirmed each time on the form for foreign exchange. Violations of foreign exchange regulations are sensitively punished.

Kreditcards: Eurocard, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club and Visa are frequently accepted. At numerous cash-point dispensers one can take cash off with credit card. Details of the exhibitor of the credit card concerned.

Traveler checks: You can in the banks conversions. Euro and US Dollar traveler's cheques are recommended.

Provision of currency: The retracting and extending of foreign currencies as well as the national currency are unrestricted. With amounts in the value of 5000 US $ and more however a document must be submitted, which gives information to the sum over origin and intended purpose.

The bank has open: Mo-Fr 09.30-17.30 o'clock and on first and last Saturday in the month 09.00-11.00 o'clock. The airport banks are daily opened to 24,00 o'clock. National and international banks have addresses in most larger cities.

Recalculation of currency

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