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Infos about kenya

Infos about kenya Date: 2004

Nationalflag from Kenya:

National anthem of KENYA.
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Around the melody to play you click please on the left arrow of the console.

AREAL: 582.646 qkm.

RESIDENT: 32.021.856 (2004).


CAPITAL: Nairobi. RESIDENT: 2.504.400 (2004).

GEOGRAPHIE: Kenya borders in the northeast on Somalia, in the north on Ethiopia, in the northwest on the Sudan, in the west on Uganda and in the south on Tanzania. In the east the Indian ocean lies. The landscape of Kenya is divided into four regions: Wild one in the north, savannah in the south and fruitful levels at the coast and on the banks of the Victoria lake. The mountain country with the capitol Nairobi is in the west. Northwest of Nairobi lies rift Valley, which african dig, in which the city Nakuru and the Aberdare national park lie, nearby the Mount Kenya (5200 m), which likewise accommodates a national park. Completely in the northwest of Kenya the Turkana lake lies.

ART OF GOVERNMENT: Praesidialrepublik (in the Commonwealth) since 1963. Condition of 1963, last change 1997. A chamber parliament (Bunge) with 224 members. State and head of the government: Mwai Kibaki, since 2002. Step-by-step selection of the head of state every 5 years. Independently since 1963 (former British colony).

LANGUAGE: Kisuaheli and English beside it are spoken about 30 African languages, among other things Kikuyu, Luo and Massai.

RELIGION: Protestanten (45%), catholic (33%), Muslims (10%), nature religions (10%) as well as minorities of Jews and Hindus.


ELECTRIC POWER: 220/240 V, 50 Hz. Three pole plugs. Adapter necessarily.


Telephone: Direct distance dialing to the large cities. Phone cells are red, map telephone boxes blue. Calling cards are available with post offices and international telephone services in larger cities. Numerous larger hotels offer also telephone services, compute however up to 100% more. For local calls you should hold sufficiently coined money ready.

Country code: 254. Area code: Nairobi 2, Mombasa 11, Nakuru 37.

Mobilphone: GSM 1800 and GSM 900. The sending and reception range are limited to the settled areas. Network carrier: Celtel Kenya (InterNet: or http://www.msi, KenCell (InterNet: and Safaricom (InterNet:

Fax: Fax places are in the main post office and in the Kenyatta internationally Conference Centre in Nairobi as well as in large hotels in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Internet/E-Mail: In Kenya it gives over 30 Internet offerers, JamboNet (Internet: and 19 further offerers are members that East African Internet Association. In Mombasa and Nairobi there are Internetcafés. Internet entrance is available even in larger hotels.

Telegram: Ability in all post office and Telegegraphoffice as well as from private telephones to be given up. The main post office in Nairobi is opened for 24 hr..

Post: The post offices are to be recognized by the letter KP&TC (Kenya Posts & Telecommunications corporation). Mail boxes are red. Stamps are available except on post offices also with stationery dealers, in souvenir business and in hotels. Air mail to Europe is up to four days on the way, the transport is generally reliable. The post offices are opened for Mo-Fr 08.00-17.00 o'clock as well as SA 09.00-12.00 o'clock.

Radio German Wave: Since the employment of the short wave frequencies in the process of a yearly changes several times, it is advisable, the current frequencies with the costumerservice to that directly German wave (Tel: (+49) (0228) 429 32 08. Internet: to request.

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