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Why straight on kenyasafaris ?

Our visitors are all Kenyafans, which already look for informations now with us for years to Hotels, Lodges, Camps, National Parks and also Mansions, Cottages and Bandas.

  • We are world-wide since 2005 the largest web page about Kenya.
  • We are in the Intranet of the TUI AG of more than 5000 travel agencies world-wide!
  • Entry on 5 internet portals.,,, and
  • Very good ranking in search engines, particularly GOOGLE
  • More than 45.000 visitors and over 1.000.000 of side calls annually.
  • We put a reservation calendar to you at the disposal. (can be inserted on the own web page)
  • With us you pay only once an activation fee and then never again.
  • We provide locally up to 25 pictures (free of charge)
  • We provide locally a video of your object. (free of charge) (can be inserted on the own web page)
    (next time: Oktober 2021)
Costs of the announcement!
For the first object or announcement once 100 euros. For each additional 25 euros. No further costs!

Running time of the announcement!
You determine the running time! No temporal delimitation!

Your own video!
You can send us own video recordings by post office (DVD or mini tape). The Video-Material should be a stand admission!

Your own pictures!
You can send us own pictures by email or by post office (CD). The pictures should have a size of at least approx. 1024 x of 768 pixels.

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This name appears in navigation and is the heading of the description etc. and can therefore no more be changed.
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To this email address our mails and the reservation inquiries are sent! You can later change in the Member area the email address.
Telephone-No.: Mobil or at home
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General description:
Please describe here the object with some sentences. This description appears as text in the announcement!
Picture of the object: *.jpg or *.jpeg
If you want you can send us a picture of the object just by email. The picture should have a size of approx. 1024 x of 768 pixels and no more than 3 MB storage volume. You can answer us in addition, to ours confirmation mail and send up to 25 pictures by email.

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